Alex Tyson is an American filmmaker and artist known for his films Mountain Fire Personnel (2015), 3 Minutes in America (2015) and his work on the Oscar nominated and Emmy winning documentary Gasland (2011) for HBO. He has worked as a cinematographer in China, Brazil, Italy, The South Pacific, Scandinavia and extensively throughout the USA. He primarily works as an editor and producer for non-fiction films., cv

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I'm writing/editing a new video essay, SUPPLY CHAIN. It's about the lifecycle of conflict minerals, electronics and cryptocurrency.


Special Photography for LA 92 | National Geographic Films. Dir. by Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin.


Sound Post on Amanda Kramer's feature Paris Window, editing Toby Lee's short, Composite.


DIVIETO 2 is a new silent video loop installed within John Heron's body of sculpture, DIVIETO 1. The works were started on Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy (2015). The group show Due South is on view at The Delaware Contemporary from January 28 – April 30, 2017. Curated by Marianne Bernstein.


Mountain Fire Personnel is now on Vimeo and YouTube:


The feature documentary How to Let Go of The World premieres on HBO June 27, 2016. I contributed cinematography, archival producing and was one of the many editors and graphic artists on the film.


Upcoming screenings:
April 2016: Dublin, Ireland at AEMI in association with LUX and IFI. Accompanying text: Collectivism II.
May 2016: Soeul, Korea at GFFIS.
May 2016: Trento, Italy at Trento Film Festival.
+ more on the MFP press page.


I directed and edited a film for New Amsterdam Records: Currents | Michael Mizrahi. With animation by Eno Swinnen and music by Troy Herion.


Mountain Fire Personnel (2015), New York premiere at MoMA Doc Fortnight 2016: FEB 20, 7:30 / FEB 21, 1:30.
Post-screening discussions with Éléonore Saintagnan, Grégoire Motte and Alex Tyson. MoMA Doc Fortnight/ Shorts Program: Untamed Nature | Film Press Site


Commissioned for New Works: Ciné-Roman (films in response to Chris Marker's La Jetée), 3 Minutes in America is a short narrative criss-crossing the continental US. The film presents a romance developing amid an array of contemporary phenomena; including vaccine production, basketball games, fracking, and Hillary Clinton's email server.
A collaboration with photographer Barb Choit | Presented by Bowerbird | Curated by J. Louise Makary | Narrated by Thomas Carroll​ | Produced by Syntax Error Group, LLC.


Screening tomorrow, December 14, 2015 @ فیلم شناخت Cinema Vérité I.F.F., Tehran, Iran.


New video directed for Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments:


Mountain Fire Personnel is streaming on Vdrome from 2015.10.27 - 2015.11.10. The film is accompanied by a discussion led by Herb Shellenberger.


I will be traveling to Catania, Italy to participate in the Due South residency, curated by Marianne Bernstein in cooperation with INGV | National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.


Traveling to China, Thailand, Vanuatu, Fiji and Samoa working on a film about climate change with Josh Fox.


Mountain Fire Personnel was awarded the Prix du Jury La Mobilière at Visions Du Réel 2015, (Nyon, Switzerland).


Mountain Fire Personnel screenings are listed on the full press site.


3 Minutes in America, a new short film collaboration with Vancouver-based photographer Barb Choit, was commissioned for Ciné-Roman: New Works. Curated by J. Louise Makary, presented by Bowerbird on April 17, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA.


Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980 is now open at MoMA.
Directed by Joey Forsyte, Edited by Alex Tyson & Johnny Woods, with production by Luisa Martinez and Zena Grey.


New music : AQUAGLASS | DG013 / Exotape24, + an interactive site collaboration with Adam Ferriss: AQUACRUSH.


The Mirage, Documentary Feature Film (Editor, Cinematographer) premiers 10.24.2014 at PFF, Philadelphia.


I am screening new work with Trailer Gallery in Umeå, Sweden, in an exhibition organized by artist Lily Benson.
→ The Unnamed Feeling. September 11th -14th, 2014.


My good pals Jesse & Justin Moynihan made a new cartoon. I made some sounds for it. Check out → Manly.


I'm in Oregon at the Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments laboratory, directing a new video for the re-issue of the 1973 Music Easel. The video is slated for a release in 2015.


I am shooting and editing a video for Rio de Janeiro based artist Vivian Caccuri at The São Paulo Museum of Modern Art. The piece will be exhibited at the 34° Panorama of Brazilian Art in 2014.


Gasland Part II premiers on HBO, July 08 2013.
I had the pleasure of doing aerial camerawork and editorial assisting on this sequel to Gasland.


Conserving Calder's Circus: Documentary Film at The Whitney Museum. A short film that I edited for The Whitney, produced by El Tigre is now online and IRL at the museum. It features footage by Jean Painlevé and Carlos Vilardebó.


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